Do We Roof In Cold Temperatures?

“Does DLV Roofing work in cold temperatures?”

“Should I wait for warmer weather to have my roof replaced?”

Is cold weather creating hesitation in your decision to have your roof replaced or repaired? Allow us to answer this popular winter roofing worry.

DLV Roofing does work in the winter and performs all of your roof system needs in cold temperatures just as we do any other season. However, just as you assumed, the cold weather does affect how we roof.

When temperatures dip below 40 degrees, we give our projects special attention. No house is the same and, therefore, we treat each one differently. Each has its own individual needs and we must adapt to the situation at hand. Though it may take our crews a few extra minutes to ensure the job is being done to the best of our ability, quality work is our promise to our customers!

Rest assured, if rain or snow make an appearance or we feel temperatures are too low to perform quality work on your roof, our project managers will notify you and work with you to determine Plan B.

For further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Stay warm!