While your roof is often out of sight and out of mind, it is one of the most important aspects of
your home or business that requires your attention. In the same manner that your vehicle
requires regular maintenance, so does your roof. Allow DLV Roofing to help you get the most
life out of your roof!

Your roof may be fairly new or it may be nearing its life expectancy, but like all things, your roof
requires maintenance. Damage to your roof could occur in a number of ways that are never
seen until it is too late; buckling shingles, cracked pipe flashings, wind and/or hail damage, ice
dams, clogged gutters and downspouts, and animal and/or pest damage, just to name a few.
Undetected damage and leaks could cause significant damage to insulation, walls, and wood
rot, as well as your personal belongings. Here at DLV Roofing, our specialists are trained to
identify and repair all types of damages that may affect your roof.

DLV Roofing’s Residential Roof Maintenance Program Includes:

  • Complete roof inspection/evaluation.
  • Clean roof of debris.
  • Small branch trimming for limbs touching roof.
  • Skylight cleaning.
  • Advise homeowner of any repairs that are necessary and provide free estimate.
  • Receive a 25% discount on all roof repairs.
  • Inspect and clean gutters and downspouts.
  • Inspect flashings at all penetrations and curbs including pipes, skylights, walls, etc.
  • Inspect seams in the roof field and expansion joints.

Roof Analysis

We will begin by conducting an in-depth roof analysis by probing and inspecting
every part of your roof system. After our inspection is complete, we will discuss the findings
and results with you, using our Roof Analysis Report. This report is for you to keep in your
records and refer back to when necessary. However, for DLV Roofing, this becomes a working
document that we refer to each time we inspect your roofing system.

Every Visit

On every visit, we will begin by clearing your roof and gutters of all debris. This
includes leaves, limbs, trash, and more. We will inspect all flashings, pipe boots, and chimneys,
as well as trim any small limbs that may damage the integrity of your roof. Additionally, our
specialists will even clean the exterior glass pane or any skylights you may have.

Repair Budget (If Necessary)

Based on the results of your Roof Analysis Report, repairs may be
necessary to avoid further deterioration of any troubled areas. We will set up a repair budget to
improve the condition of your roof so that it can be maintained effectively AND get the most
life out of it.

Replacement Budget

Our roof analysis will also estimate the life expectancy of your present
roofing system so that you can budget years in advance for this important part of your building
envelop that protects everything you value inside.

Inspection Schedule

DLV Roofing will inspect and maintain your roof annually, semi-annually,
or quarterly. We will both decide what is best for your roofing system to avoid any issues. You
can expect that after each scheduled visit, you will receive a detailed analysis of your roofing

Maintenance Records

DLV Roofing maintains a database of historical information regarding
your roof system. Upon using DLV for your roofing maintenance, we keep the history of your
roof in order to help us to better identify patterns of problems, age, wear and tear, and damage
caused by natural causes such as snow, ice, wind, or rain. Accurate records help us to diagnose
issues faster and more efficiently. Additionally, these accurate maintenance records will assist
in the case that you have any issues with a manufacturer’s warranty information.

Maintenance Program Highlights:

  • Detection and repair of minor problems.
  • Aids in the prevention of most premature roof failures.
  • Keeps roofs in maintainable condition.
  • Increases lifespan of roofs.
  • Provides access to priority emergency repair service in the event of storm damage.
  • Provides reports of roof condition and early warning conditions that may affect roof
    integrity, such as:

    • Shingle condition
    • Wind and hail damage
    • Blisters and splits
    • Skylights
    • Damaged pipe boots
    • Leaks from caulking
    • Antennas and Guy wires
    • Cracking of walls
  • Provides, in a timely manner, information for budgeting of maintenance costs and replacement capital. Most importantly, DLV Roofing Maintenance Program saves you Money.

DLV Roofing Systems, Inc. is a Licensed NC General Contractor and is fully insured.

To discover why DLV Roofing is your best choice for roofing needs, call or email us today for a free estimate.