DLV Roofing Systems, Inc., is the premier roofing company for Asheville, NC, and its surrounding areas.

Our President, Pete De La Vega, a third generation roofer, established DLV Roofing Systems, Inc. in 1999.  We are a fully licensed and insured general contractor happily serving both residential and commercial customers out of our Mills River, NC, and Charleston, SC, offices.  We use only top-rated, premium, quality products while offering competitive prices and a guarantee on all of the work.  Our courteous, professional staff provides superior, dependable service with an attention to detail that sets us apart from industry affiliates.

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Our mission is to serve.

Serve our customers.

Serve our staff.

Serve our community.

Serve our business needs.

If we do so with quality, integrity, and ethical fortitude, all other things will fall into place.

DLV Roofing  –  Here to serve, since 1999.


Petes Bio - Final

Pete De La Vega

Founder, President

Pete is the Founder and President of DLV Roofing. He is a third generation roofer who encompasses a great amount of passion for the roofing business. With Pete’s driven work-ethic and willingness to serve, he consistently goes above and beyond in both his professional and personal life. During the rare occasions that Pete takes a break from his work-life, he enjoys canoeing and exercising. Most importantly, he enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and two daughters.

FUN FACT: Pete grew up in the great state of Texas!

Darwin Bio - Final

Darwin Albright

General Manager

Darwin is our General Manager and runs all day to day operations here at DLV Roofing. He tackles all aspects of the business from sales calls to financials in the office; to managing projects and making repairs in the field. Darwin would describe himself as a jokester and enjoys attending concerts of all genres. Though he has no favorite band, Darwin likes music from modern-day pop to thrash metal. His evenings are spent with his wife, daughter, son, and many dogs.

FUN FACT:  If Darwin could travel to any place in the world, he would visit Europe so that he could enjoy the many concerts that take place in the country!

James Bio - Final

James Ball

Re-Roof Sales & Estimator

As DLV’s Re-Roof Sales & Estimator, James’ role consists of using his numerous years of experience and vast knowledge of roofing to estimate all roof replacement projects and various other projects. He would describe himself as an honest and hard-working man who always strives for excellence. Above all, he calls himself a family man who loves his wife, two daughters, mother and father, and his new grandson. In his free time, James enjoys hunting, fishing, and restoring cars for drag racing. He is always found putting a smile on someone’s face!

FUN FACT:  James enjoys working around his home!

Spencer Bio 2 (2)

Spencer Merrell

Re-Roof Project Coordinator

Spencer is our Re-Roof Project Coordinator. His responsibilities include scheduling and managing roof replacement projects, as well as various other projects. Spencer describes himself as a simple and down-to-earth man with an old soul. Most of his interests revolve around older things and he reveals that he should have been born decades prior to when he was! He enjoys basic mechanics on anything with two wheels, being outdoors, and hunting. Spencer also says, “my wife, Steph, is the bomb!” Him and his wife recently had a baby boy!

FUN FACT: Spencer and his wife, Stephanie, have been together since the 8th grade!


Davis Hale

New Construction Sales & Estimator

Davis is our New Construction Sales & Estimator. He works closely with our valued builders to provide all new construction roofing quotes. Davis loves to stay active, and he is always looking for new ways to progress his life in all aspects. He says he’s glad to be here at DLV and to have the opportunity to serve the community!  He also has a very positive attitude!

FUN FACT: Davis is an aspiring tango and salsa dancer!

Will Vaught

Will Vaught

New Construction Project Coordinator

Will is our New Construction Project Coordinator. His responsibilities include scheduling and managing new construction projects, as well as various other projects. Will would describe himself as adventurous and curious about things and people. He has many hobbies outside of work and makes the most out of his time. Will’s hobbies include guiding white water rivers during the summer, canoeing, camping, working on engines, working with electronics and circuits, carpentry, and traveling! He also enjoys eating spicy foods! Out of his many hobbies, his favorite thing to do is spend time with his better half, 8 year old, and his dog, Watson.

FUN FACT:  Will spent a month traveling Thailand!

Chuy 1 2.26.2021 (3)

Chuy Hernandez-Guzman

Repairs & Maintenance Project Manager

Chuy is one of our Repairs & Maintenance Project Managers. His primary responsibilities include estimating roof repairs and managing one of our repair crews, as well as administering our maintenance program. Chuy is a very friendly and hard-working guy! He can also be described as productive, focused, and organized. He is a hard worker at heart and in his free time enjoys landscaping and other hobbies working with his hands! When he does take a break, you can find him hanging out with his friends or working out! Chuy says, “I’m glad to be working here and look forward to seeing how I can contribute to the company and help make it grow!”

FUN FACT: Chuy loves trying new foods!

Pete A. De La Vega

Pete A. De La Vega

Repairs & Maintenance Project Manager

Pete is one of our Repairs & Maintenance Project Managers. His primary responsibilities include estimating roof repairs and managing one of our repair crews, as well as administering our maintenance program. You may notice that his name is very similar to our President’s name… that is because our President is Pete’s father! Pete is carrying on the De La Vega family tradition becoming the fourth generation to be in the roofing business! Pete enjoys hanging out with his friends and living life to the fullest. He is excited to be a part of the family business!

FUN FACT: Pete graduated high school early to join his father’s business!

Jack Zilliox

Jack Zilliox

Chief Administrative Officer

Jack is our Chief Administrative Officer and oversees the administrative operations within DLV. Jack describes himself as a self-proclaimed nerd with an addiction to learning (clearly illustrated by finishing two master’s degrees), but more importantly a husband and a father. He enjoys spending time traveling overseas and taking road trips with his family, and mountain biking with his daughter.

FUN FACT:  Jack is currently training for the 2022 Megavalanche, the world’s largest Enduro race held in France!

katherine office manager

Katherine Moore

Customer Service & Office Support Specialist

As the Customer Service & Office Support Specialist at DLV Roofing, Katherine serves as the first point of contact for most of our clients. She has a broad spectrum of professional experiences in both the construction and real estate industries including her license as a North Carolina General Contractor, Realtor, and Notary. Katherine’s primary responsibility is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction through the implementation of standard operating procedures designed to keep DLV running smoothly and efficiently. Outside of the office, Katherine enjoys spending time with her husband and children, either relaxing at the lake or camping in the mountains of WNC. She and her family reside in Fletcher. 

FUN FACT:  Katherine plans to travel the world with her husband after they retire!


Tracy Galloway

Accounting Specialist

As our Accounting Specialist, Tracy is responsible for all of DLV’s financials such as handling customer deposits and final payments.  When she isn’t working, Tracy enjoys spending time with her kids and helping on her family farm that grows the best corn in WNC along with a variety of other veggies!  She even sometimes drives the tractor!

FUN FACT: Tracy’s covered porch is her favorite place in the world!

unnamed (2)

Cassie Smith

Customer Coordinator

As our Customer Coordinator, Cassie supports our Re-Roof division and our Re-Roof customers with their paperwork, payments, and material selections. Cassie describes herself as outgoing, loyal, witty, and adventurous. She loves to make people laugh and can always find the positive in any situation. Cassie doesn’t have time for hobbies… she is busy letting her kids pursue their hobbies! Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. In the summer, they spend the majority of their time at their lake place in Georgia on Lake Hartwell!

FUN FACT:  Cassie is a Florida girl! Don’t think you’ll catch her on the Atlantic side though… She calls herself a beach snob and will only be found on the Gulf Coast!

AMP Headshots

Megan Henson

Marketing Manager

Megan is our Marketing Manager. This includes managing all of the company’s marketing initiatives and managing our social media accounts. She often wears many other hats around the office as well! Megan can find the positive in any situation and aspires to always inspire others. When she isn’t working, it may be hard to find her in just one spot… She has many hobbies! Megan can be found under a barbell lifting weights, behind a camera capturing beautiful moments, on a hiking trail exploring the great outdoors, around a fire with her good friends, or enjoying time with her husband and their furbaby.

FUN FACT: Megan rides her own Harley Davidson motorcycle!